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Oil palm seedlings are young oil palm plants used to establish oil palm plantations.

You can buy quality seedlings from our farm, known for its expertise in oil palm cultivation.

Tenera has a 4-5 year fruiting period, while Supergene yields in 2-3 years.

Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of oil palm trees through a milling process.

Yes, we follow sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.

Yes, we supply palm oil in bulk quantities to meet commercial needs.

We raise a variety of cattle breeds suited for meat and dairy production.

Yes, we offer cattle suitable for breeding programs.

Our cattle enjoy a combination of grass-fed and free-range living conditions.

Our pigs are raised on a balanced diet, including grains and vegetables.

Yes, we prioritize animal welfare and maintain a humane living environment for our pigs.

Yes, we offer live pigs for various purposes, including pork production.

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